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Understanding Cosmetics Compliance in Europe & the UK


2024 Cosmetics Compliance: Europe & UK Overview

 March 21, 2024   |   3 p.m. CET   |   45 minutes 

Join us for an informative webinar on cosmetics compliance, focusing on the regulatory landscape in Europe and the UK for 2024. We will provide an overview of key regulations and requirements governing the cosmetics industry in these regions. Topics covered include ingredient restrictions, labeling guidelines, and navigating compliance complexities. Whether you're a cosmetics manufacturer, retailer, or brand, this webinar will offer valuable insights to help ensure your products meet regulatory standards.

  1. Explore regulations and requirements for cosmetics compliance in Europe and the UK.
  2. Gain insights into ingredient restrictions and labeling guidelines.
  3. Learn how to navigate compliance complexities in the cosmetics industry.

 💡 We'll even have a Q&A session based on pre-questions, so stay tuned.

Nataliya EcoMundo
Nataliya Muller

Head of Cosmetic Sales

Clara Linkedin EcoMundo
Clara Brosolo

Regulatory Affairs Officer

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