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Understanding the imminent approval of 

Trihydrogen pentapotassium di(peroxomonosulfate) di(sulfate)


 March 26, 2024   |   3 p.m. CET   |   45 minutes 

Discover exclusively EcoMundo's webinar, delving into the future of the biocides industry with the imminent approval of the substance "Trihydrogen pentapotassium di(peroxomonosulfate) di(sulfate)" (CAS No. 70693-62-8 / EC No. 274-778-7), on July 1, 2025.

Join us as we explore the transitional measures in Europe to be implemented before this crucial date, as well as the implications of the approval on your labeling. Additionally, learn how the classification will impact your dossier and its compliance. Prepare to seize opportunities and overcome challenges in this rapidly evolving landscape.

With leading experts sharing their knowledge and insights, you'll be ahead of the game in navigating this new regulatory paradigm. Join us for a practical and accessible exploration of what this imminent approval truly means for your business and the industry as a whole.


  1. Understanding the BPR and regulatory deadlines
  2. Preparing your active substance dossier: key technical points to remember
    1. Transitional measures
    2. Labeling
    3. Approved suppliers and Letter of Access to Data
    4. Substance classification: points of interest
  3. Submitting an active substance dossier: how EcoMundo supports you

Jeanne Linkedin EcoMundo-1
Jeanne Pontisso

Biocides and Detergents Sales Consultant

Johanna Linkedin EcoMundo
Johanna Bensuzka

Biocides Regulatory Affairs Manager

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