Consortium BKC/ ADBAC DDAC

As you may  know, the active substances BKC/ADBAC and DDAC will be approved shortly for PT1 and PT2 (beginning 2024) ! From the approval date, a Biocidal Product Authorisation will be mandatory to continue to sell your products. 
Anticipating the different steps to be taken before submitting a dossier is therefore essential to control your strategy and costs for placing a biocidal product on the market
EcoMundo set up a consortium to carry out the application for Product Authorization (PA) for products at minimum PT1 and PT2 containing BKC/ADBAC & DDAC.
EcoMundo aims to offer transparent biocidal consortia that are adapted to the members' needs. In this webinar, we will present the different families available, the strategies and the operating mode of this consortium dedicated to quaternary ammonium.
How to anticipate the costs and deadlines? 
What are the different strategies of product families authorisation dossier set up and submission of EcoMundo’s consortium?

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Projects and Strategy Director

Environmental engineer with a degree from ESPCI ParisTech and a Master's degree from the École des Mines de Paris, Fang brings his expertise to various regulatory projects (Authorisation, Biocides, Cosmetics, etc.) as Projects and Strategy Director.



Regulatory Sales Manager - Biocides

After some time spent as Formulation Development Officer and Biology & Formulation Engineer, Cornélia joined EcoMundo’s teams in Paris as a Regulatory Sales Manager for Biocides. .... .. ..... . ... .... . .. .. . . .. . .. . ... ... .. .