Labeling and Biocidal Claims


🗓️ Tuesday, June 11th 2023

🕚 10:00 am - 10:45 am (CET - Europe / Paris)  



Join our informative webinar on the topic "Labeling and Biocidal Claims" to gain a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of the current regulations in the field of biocidal products.

Biocidal products play a crucial role in protecting against harmful organisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, or mold. However, their use involves significant regulatory challenges to ensure both product effectiveness and the safety of users and the environment.

During this webinar, our experts will guide you through the complexities of biocidal regulation, with a focus on labeling and claims. You will learn essential factors to consider when labeling biocidal products, understanding what is permitted and what is not, in order to comply with current regulatory standards.

This webinar is the last of our series of 3 webinars on the regulatory aspects of the marketing of biocidal products in the EU. Do not hesitate to contact us now to get the replays of the previous ones :  
Understanding the Biocidal Product Regulation (definitions, transitional measures, authorization dossier…)
Biocidal products : Authorization and related procedures (family dossiers, national/union authorization, technical equivalence, data sharing etc.)


  • Mandatory information to be included on the label
  • Biocidal claims
  • Practical examples and case studies









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Jeanne Pontisso

 Biocide Business Developer



Biocides Regulatory Affairs Officer