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ECHA 12th draft recommendation for inclusion in the Authorisation List  

Potential impacts for the industrials


 March 18, 2024   |   11 a.m. CET   |   45 minutes 

Join us for an informative webinar on ECHA public consultation for its project to recommend 5 substances for inclusion in the Autorisation List. This announcement represents the first cornerstone step for the total ban in the EU of the listed substances. These substances (and in particular Melamine, CAS n°:108-78-1) are widely used across the European industry and could impact several critical sectors. Learn more about the above-mentioned substances, the impacted sectors and the next steps until  their  inclusion in Annex XIV.

This webinar will provide you with the important information you need to anticipate your requirements, and ensure regulatory compliance for future bans.

  1. Substances included in the draft recommendations and their properties
  2. Known uses in Europe and potential sectors affected
  3. Compliance management to  anticipate future interdictions 

 💡 We'll even have a Q&A session, so stay tuned.

Souleymane Linkedin EcoMundo
Souleymane Gaye

Economic Research Manager

Yannick Linkedin EcoMundo
Yannick Bidal

REACH Regulatory Affairs Manager

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