Food Suplements:

Claims and communication for food supplements in the EU

Thursday, July 13th 2023 - 2 p.m CET- 45 minutes

Learn about the strict regulations governing claims and communication for dietary supplements in Europe. Register now for our webinar and gain valuable insights on registration procedures for food supplements in Europe. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay informed and compliant in the dynamic landscape of the dietary supplement industry.



💡In today's landscape of health and well-being, dietary supplements are playing an increasingly significant role. They offer a variety of potential benefits, ranging from weight management to cognitive health and immune system support. However, due to the wide range of products available in the market, it is crucial to understand the strict regulations governing claims related to dietary supplements in Europe.

The webinar "Claims and communication for food supplements in the EU" aims to provide clear and precise information to manufacturers, distributors, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders in the dietary supplement industry.

The agenda:

  • Requirements key points in the EU
  • Food supplements claims
  • Practical cases


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Jeanne Pontisso

Business Developer 📍 Paris, France

Graduated from Grenoble INP - PHELMA engineering school in the biomedical field, Jeanne is now Business Developer at EcoMundo for health, biocides and home care products. 


Inès Cheminel

Regulatory Affairs Officer 📍 Paris, France