Food Suplements:

Ensuring Compliance of Your Food Supplements in the USA

Thursday, October 12 2023 - 10 a.m CET- 30 minutes

Explore the dynamic landscape of regulations governing food supplements in the U.S. in our exclusive webinar! 



💡Within the intricate web of regulations governing dietary supplements in the United States, a stringent framework prevails, overseen with meticulous care by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

At the core of this regulatory framework stands the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, a foundational pillar that establishes precise guidelines governing the realms of manufacturing, labeling, and marketing.

Compliance is not an option but a mandate for all stakeholders, including manufacturers, distributors, and marketers. Adhering to the exacting standards set forth by the FDA and DSHEA is paramount to success.

During this event, we will delve deeply into the steps required to achieve and maintain compliance, equipping you with the knowledge necessary to navigate the intricate regulatory landscape of dietary supplements in the USA effectively. 

📒 The agenda:

  • Regulatory framework in the US
  • Labeling of food supplements
  • Authorized claims


Médaillon_Jeanne_Noir et blanc

Jeanne Pontisso

Business Developer 📍 Paris, France

Graduated from Grenoble INP - PHELMA engineering school in the biomedical field, Jeanne is now Business Developer at EcoMundo for health, biocides and home care products. 


Sophie Remacle

Regulatory Affairs Officer 📍 Paris, France