Product Formulation and Novel Foods Ingredients: Critical Considerations


🗓️ Tuesday, June 6th 2023

🕚 02:00 pm - 03:45 pm (CET - Europe / Paris)  



Join us for an informative webinar series as we delve into the intricate world of European Union regulations for food supplements. Since 2002, the EU has implemented a specialized framework directive (Directive 2002/46/EC) that grants food supplements a distinct status, setting them apart from other food products. However, with each member state having the freedom to establish specific guidelines on authorized, restricted, or banned ingredients, navigating this regulatory landscape can be challenging.

Our first webinar, "Product Formulation and Novel Foods Ingredients: Critical Considerations," will equip you with essential insights on the key aspects that demand special attention during product development. We will focus on the significance of Novel Foods ingredients, shedding light on their implications and requirements.



  • Context / definition of food supplements
  • Possible ingredients and limits (lists...)
  • Novel Food: definition, justification if Novel Food or not, outline of the application procedure for the Novel Food ingredient










Médaillon_Jeanne_Couleurs (3)

Jeanne Pontisso

Food Supplement Business Developer


Inès Cheminel

Regulatory Affairs Officer