New SDS requirements for 2023

🗓️ Tuesday, March 14th 2023

Our experts explain the key points of an SDS to be diffused in the European Union, as well as the new requirements for the year 2023, in order to avoid pitfalls when creating your document.

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The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is the essential regulatory document for communicating information on the risks associated with your chemical products throughout the supply chain. In the European Union, it should comply with Annexe II of REACH Regulation No 1907/2006.

Every supplier (formulator, manufacturer, importer) must be able to provide the SDS at any time, and update it as soon as new data that may affect risk management measures or new hazard information, become available.

Therefore, the SDS is a strategic document for the management of your products. It is used by various actors for different purposes: HSE risk management, buyers' procurement strategy, information for customs and poison control centers, etc.

The drafting of an SDS is highly regulated. It includes 16 mandatory sections with general information, but also very specific information about your case and your uses. Also, it must be adapted and translated into as many languages as the countries in which it is made available.

From January, 1st 2023, new requirements are coming into force with the amendment No 2020/878 of Annex II of REACH. They mainly concern the communication of presence and properties of nanoforms and endocrine disruptors, as well as the communication of the Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) and specific key factors in the calculation of hazards (SCL, ATE, M Factor).



In this webinar, review the key points of an SDS and discover the new requirements to be applied from January, 1st 2023, to prevent any problem with your SDS:

  • General regulatory requirements for SDS
  • Description of the 16 sections (with focus on the key sections)
  • Focus on the new REACH 2020/878 requirements

Bertrand LACOSTE

Business Developper - SDS Factory Software

Graduated with a Master 2 Commerce and International Strategies from Bordeaux University, Bertrand continued the EcoMundo adventure after his internship and joined the Sales team as a Business Developer. He now assists customers in the deployment of the SDS Factory software solution in order to best meet their regulatory management needs.